Our Story

The story of Cahootles is the story of one mother. One tuff mother. Family

She has discovered her strength on a journey to support her child and her family. Along the way, she’s leaned a lot, and wants to share what she’s learned with other families on the same journey. She’s looking to make strong connections, to build a network of strong families, and to help families find their own strength. And to create a strong future.

We all need to find our people, in order to find our way. Life with any kind of special needs can be a challenge—but, finding help, getting the right support, and making friends shouldn’t be. So we’re bringing families together and empowering kids to be themselves.

And that’s where Cahootles comes in. We’re offering the tools and resources you need to raise your awesome kid and to connect them with other awesome kids. We’re bringing you Oodles of Support, Oodles of Recommendations, and Oodles of Friends—one destination for the materials, support, and people that you need.

Oodles of Support: We have a varied assortment of downloadable content that helps kids face their challenges head-on and encourages them to become socially confident, such as visual schedules, games, engaging stories, and more.

Oodles of Recommendations: Your go-to destination for real parent ratings and recommendations for people, places, and resources that could benefit your family: Therapy centers, camps, babysitters, books, you name it. Cut through all the noise to streamline and simplify the process of finding your way to peace of mind.

Oodles of Friends: Finding a friend—any friend—can be a challenge. They might be right around the corner, or just down the street, and you’d never know it. But now you will. Connect with newfound friends in a safe, secure online space, with ample parent controls. Find your kid’s new BFF.

This is Cahootles. Build your squad.

Advisory Team